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Some businesses go that extra mile to service their customers and to make the quality of their products or services the best that they can be. The objective of this site is to reward those extraordinary businesses by giving them the opportunity to make the public aware of who they are and why they should be regarded as “America’s Best”.


By submitting this application you are telling us that yours is one of these extraordinary businesses and that you can demonstrate why your business should be regarded as one of “America’s Best”. The integrity of the “America’s Best” brand depends upon us making sure we list only the five best businesses in each category in each city. So if your business truly is one of the best then please provide us with the following information for us to evaluate.


Please read this important information regarding your application before applying:

If you submit your Application and you are APPROVED then your business will become part of the “America’s Best” community with all of the benefits that come with that. There is a one time $18.00 fee to register your business and to create the “Profile Page” for you to then customize. After your “Profile Page/Ad” has been created you will also be charged a nominal $3 per month fee (billed quarterly in advance) to cover the expenses to maintain the site and to promote the “America’s Best” brand along with the businesses that made the list.


Significant time and expense goes into the review of all applications. So any business that applies, is approved and then fails to contribute the nominal fees being requested, will be prohibited from reapplying in the future.


Take a look at the FAQ page to find more details on how the program works and then submit your application today.


Complete the following application:

(Note: These must be legitimate customer reviews from parties unrelated to the owner or any employee. Discovery of fake reviews will result in automatic disqualification and a permanent ban of your business from this site)